A Memoir in Brief: Four Years Journey in University You May Hate.

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Maybe you are in my shoes or about to be in my shoes. Whatever it is, its life’s own experiences. In the year October 2015, I carried my briefcase with a reason to pursue a four year college degree. Like any other student I had planned whatever I wanted to do in future — want to start a business someday, date some beautiful girl on campus who would become my wife in future, enjoy student life however I can. Studying books was something that I least thought of because my mind was already programmed to do the things I’ve already listed. Fortunately and unfortunately I could clearly achieve some of it, there’s no wrong about that because obviously my focus is mainly to make impact rather than absorbing it. And to be frank, to help humanity and become rich one day or go after girls was the hardest decision I could ever make. To combine these two is scribble to paper with respect to my mission and vision.

But I partially tested the decision to go after girls, maybe they could teach me a lesson and strengthen my mission.

So obviously I took the challenge.

I somehow felt that my accent was smelly to the girls I had approached or maybe they themselves felt insecure or were just not interested. Whatever it is — I do not know. My first approach to the beautiful girl who had taken thousand proposals from campus guys was a meltdown — what a world! I said to myself. But I’ll never give up and keep trying so that hopefully could get hold of her one day. All these while I hold my dreams only to myself because in reality, until you physically produce what is in your head no one will take you serious for whatever you say you are doing or want to do. One evening, on my way to school, a road down to a suburban, I met another beautiful girl.

Me: Hi.

Girl: Hi.

Me: You are beautiful.

Girl: Thank you.

Me: can we talk for a minute if you don’t mind.

Girl: Oh sure.

But hey! However my approach was she was eager to have the conversation of which I mean to tell you that we felt connected to each other. She paid me a visit twice, we became quite the best of friends one could ever had. Just within two months on my bed, I saw my phone ring! ring! Only to hear that she is no more in the town where I am. But said she had the best of time with me and would never forget me — only the brave heart could absorb such omen. Immediately, some voice echoed in my head — forget these girls and do the otherwise. Which means to focus on the mission of helping humanity. Hmm! Not bad though but a bit uneasy. I decided I would then focus and start the business I have dreamt of.

Nevertheless, the type of business to start was even a burden I would carry. Like any other person with dreams and aspirations I have never thought of working for someone else but myself. So forcefully my mind has to produce the kind of business for my heart and body to follow through. Brainstorming too, I’ve read it’s a bad way to start a business. Until 2017, I finally took the decision to start online business. Maybe like you, I had the idea but lacked the skills somehow, not that I could not code but joining codes to work together as complete system is only a skill attributed to the white guys. Fortunately, just beside me was a stick to support my long plantain stem — my own biological brother who had completed high school and had the same mission as mine joined me. My hopes were high this time. An ambition that is possible to pursue. We tied our cloth together and started the mission of taking more people to the internet. Of course we knew would not be easy because here in my country it is a “child abuse” to start your own business and not to even talk of starting internet or technology business. But we thought of doing it anyway because it is something that we love and a mission that we have long dreamt of to make happen someday.

If you are like me who’s very economical and spend below my means WiFi will then be the only source of inspiration. Every evening exactly by 6:00 o’clock pm I would take my 2G phone and walk straight to my school’s campus WiFi area to have access to the internet so I could work on my project together with my brother. To those who do not know what the hell I do would only conclude that I’m a WiFi abuser and that should quit using the WiFi and buy data — how on earth will I stop using something that I pay for. At a point in time my brother and I saw progress and that the system was working fine.

Anytime I had nothing to do or may feel tired to go to campus to access WiFi, I’ll be on my bed and dream of a great future for myself because as the saying goes “ the only way to know your future is to create it”, maybe you’ll better quote it. But at the same time my mind would reflect on the pretty girls I’ve seen and met on campus. I would then talk to myself what could I do or say to please one of these girls to understand me so we could move together. One of the character I possess of which I really like about myself is ‘I hate people pleasing’. In fact, it crawled slowly through everything I did and continually do in my life and I think to say that it affected my relationship with girls as well. Anytime I would propose to a girl and they delay in my response that’s all. I would never bother to call them back. This was a strength builder and kept my determination extremely high — that I will do whatever it takes to build my business, to be rich one day and marry the woman of my dream. Whatever it was you can imagine the rejections I’ve received from the girls who eventually didn’t deserved me.

I’ve learnt to move on, be motivated enough to keep building my business of which you may want to see that the website is live here Lexep

Myself together with Chris my one time controversial friend, will sit back and admire the beautiful girls until our time comes to leave and make good life for ourselves that those girls will watch, hear and appreciate.

Thanks for reading.

I’m Abe Ansah, Cofounder and CEO of LeXep

We are creating Lexep to help all our friends who create great content and videos. We actually believe that there is more content being consumed than ever, so we are building a smart content operating system that will be content’s companion.We want to empower content creators to create and distribute their content across all social channels, websites, apps and devices with smarter and more relevant content than ever.

You may want to reach out to me: ansahadeabaj45@gmail.com




Entrepreneur at lexep.com and Hobbyst writer.

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Abe Ansah

Abe Ansah

Entrepreneur at lexep.com and Hobbyst writer.

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