Do this. If You’re Worried About what to Do After College.

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As a man thinketh so he is says the good book.

This is obviously an indication that If you seed in your mind to build a multi-billion dollar business, travel around the world, marry someone from the royal family of Britain, work like hell for someone else against your happiness — not to say being an employee is bad though — I mean to say get it right from the statement I’ve made, or live life on your own terms. Whatever it is your mind will have nothing but to produce it.

Too many of us, we’re living in this life for someone else; either for our parents, for a guardian or just following societal norms and what people term as “Go according to the system”. This sh*t to me is nonsense even to the extent that anytime I hear someone or a relative telling someone to study hard and get good grades, my body begin to shiver to its maximum. How on earth would you tell someone to do the things that you think will be better for them. The truth is, have themselves been able to achieve what they’re recommending? Even if they have, ask them if they’re living the life they initially dreamt of — a life of happiness I mean. The impatience of most of the youth today will end them up in a life of regret — I think to say. Why? Because everyone wants to become a nurse because of some meagre government scheme — not to say being a nurse is bad but to most people its because of the money which I term as ‘meagre’. Everyone wants to finish school quickly and go get married. What kind of society are we living in?.

The truth is you’ve got so much potential that you’re never aware of until you take the decision to try things out yourself. I am not magic to produce words for you to consume. In fact, writing itself is like putting blocks of software codes together to make it run perfectly on the computer. To me, transferring my ideas from me to your brain is something that I’m content doing and makes me human. Naturally, they come to me as I write. You heard me right ‘as I write’. This means that anything you want to do, however talented you are if you don’t start, commit and put in the work, then I’m sorry to tell you that you will never achieve anything worthwhile in life. I’ve been extremely ambitious even before I entered the university, my elder brother would testify of that. “There’s no jobs”, “ The economy is hard” and the likes. These are the cries and woes of many but to the few of us who wants to succeed in life these cries are like trumpet calling us to fulfill an opportunity. As you are reading this, you don’t even know what the hell you may do with your life after school. Don’t worry its normal and happens to most people. In fact, I’m telling you right now that you are not the only person pondering on that.

There’s this saying that a service to man is service to God. Maybe you think you lack the ability to pursue some course, to start a business and live life on your own terms. Not too late to keep your mind sharp on the edge. The first thing you can do is to be patient and work without salary. This means you have to volunteer to work for a company. How will you do that? First of all, walk to the workplace with just a letter — do not add CV or whatever stating vivid what you can do in your moment. When you are called work hard and commit to any ‘silly’ work my dear friend, you will miraculously reap the fruit of your labor. The second thing you can do is; if you have some skill write uncountable application letters and distribute them to the places of importance, even though this may not be a good advice because it has the potential of making you unemployed for long time but do it anyway because you have no option.

To the masterminds, my colleague entrepreneurs with dreams and aspirations to start something on their own and leave life on their own terms this is for you. Don’t stress too much on looking for opportunity. The opportunity lies right in front of you. You can start your own blog, start selling things to students in schools, at workers canteen, travel and leave your comfort zone — go out and connect with people, hustle, start your own youtube channel or create Lexep account and start practicing whatever you want to do now now. Start the business you have always dreamt of. Don’t waste time staying home. Remember your time is limited but be patient enough knowing that in the appropriate time the hen will lay the eggs.

And I think to tell you that “Great things are done by series of small things brought together” as said by Vincent Van Gogh. Set yourself a time in three to five years or more and work hard, work on your thing and be patient enough. In the right time you’ll reap whatever you sow.

Thanks for reading.

I’m Abe Ansah. Cofounder and CEO of Lexep

We are creating LeXep to help all our friends who create great content and videos. We actually believe there is more content being consumed than ever, so we are building a smart content operating system that will be content’s companion.We want to empower content creators to create and distribute their content across all social channels, websites, apps and devices with smarter and more relevant content than ever.

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Entrepreneur at and Hobbyst writer.

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Abe Ansah

Abe Ansah

Entrepreneur at and Hobbyst writer.

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