I’m Just Getting Started

Staying consistent in everything is just not easy, I’ve had it, experienced it, and I’m still trying to figure out how they do it.

I blame myself because I’m responsible for my decisions. Sometimes I attribute my reluctance to the fact that I have a considerable workload, and adding the extracurricular activities requires patience.

Nevertheless, the extra activities I do are the things that make me feel like I own myself and get me thinking that I have a bigger purpose ahead of me.

As software engineers, our work spans a wide range of communication, and having to clearly state your goals and be disciplined enough to execute them is part of our daily routine. You have to wake up early and get to work before precisely 7 am. Immediately you get to work in the morning, the first thing to do is check your email and slack to see any available meetings or information regarding what to do next. The next thing is meetings and communication with team members and managers.

It’s all fun because our work involves talking and laughing yourself out a lot.

The first project I was onboarded to assist in developing was a challenge because I had little knowledge and less experience executing the task. It was a massive fear for me as that was a test to enroll me in a more extensive client project. But one thing that eventually triggered my motivation to become the team leader of that same project was my communication ability. My manager once referred to me as a ‘politician’ for my ability to speak and make the conviction, meaning, and defense. Haha, I think I’m just getting started.

There are two essential things I’ve learned, and they are listening and speaking.

These are the two ingredients that can trigger your success in your career endeavor. No matter how much work experience you have, if you have poor communication and cannot make your points, you wouldn’t make up for some chances. And if you don’t listen, then you deserve to be ignored. Notwithstanding, talking too much to please people can also annoy them. So, I emphasize that you communicate reasonably and practice the art of listening; you’ll increase in any organization you find yourself in.

I have learned to learn and unlearn, which has made me the good I am. In the software industry, you’re always a student,

and there’s not a single day that you’ll not try to learn something new as new things keep popping up every day and the old ones get updated. It’s not soo fun in this regard as you have to be a fast learner to adapt to changes in industry practices quickly. At least the impact of discipline in this profession, called software engineering,

shall by default, enable you to learn to be consistent and pick things up quickly; if not, you’ll be left behind.



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